Until now, the long-term network health of most chains has been overlooked by developers, miners, and holders of layer 1 assets. Profit has been at the forefront of these chains, not the network’s longevity.
On Zinnia Network, priority fees on the network go to Z-2122 rather than network validators.

Its purpose is to substitute the minting of new coins post-2122 to ensure the longevity of the network and its health. Initially, Z-2122 will be locked for a period of 10yrs, after which the DAO will vote for the first time on its use or its relock.

Does the DAO need additional funds for development?

Required development funds are used and unused funds are re-locked for a further 10 years.

Z-2122 will be locked for a further 10 years.
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Z-2122 is a treasury controlled by the DAO.
Example: Z-2122