Ecosystem Development

Tokenizing on existing chains does not lend itself to real economies with competitive markets because existing Layer 1 chains steal the show.
Native blockchain currencies are currently the only funding mechanism users have to move or use a layer 2 project’s token or project feature.
Wouldn’t it be nice to move USDC with USDC? With Zinnia, you can!
Zinnia allows developers to build their projects without involving Zinnia in every transaction on the user’s side. Developers can decide what users pay in their own token while arranging the Zinnia payments in the background. Allowing fees to be paid in native layer 2 tokens will fuel competition within the different markets being built on top of Zinnia technology, add value to layer 2 project brand identity and ensure priority fees are directed to those who actually need the priority.
Active ecosystem development thanks to block rewards
What makes this even more exciting is that Zinnia's DAO will make development grants available for ecosystem development. By design, 10% of the Zinnia block rewards will go to the DAO, and part of these funds will be used to stimulate ecosystem development.
Furthermore, a part of the supply is reserved for a development grant program. This means that any developer or team with a good idea can get paid to create things on Zinnia.