Over a decade ago, a novel technology showed its face for the first time. Its name, Bitcoin, a payment system based on a combination of blockchain and cryptographic technology. Adopted as a store of value, a hedge to traditional finance, and a way to make money, Bitcoin surged, but for us, something had been missed. Could this complex technology allow a decentralized network of people to innovate with data in a way that couldn’t ever be changed?

We were captivated…

by this concept, and our team, individuals at this point, started their own journeys within the blockchain environment.

We went to work…

on exchanges, assisted development, and marketed new cryptocurrency projects to assist the overall adoption of Bitcoin and digital currency.

We began to theorize…

about new ways of providing legal proof, of revolutionizing the supply chain, of guaranteeing proof of ownership, and the possibilities seemed endless.

We saw the potential…

in blockchain technology and how it could revolutionize countless industries.

We started to dream…

of handing back control of data to the public and bringing truth, transparency, and trust to the crypto universe.

And, we formed a team!

As blockchain technology explodes into public awareness and the media whip up a frenzy over cryptocurrencies, we remain undistracted by the hyperbole and focus on utility and equality instead of profit.
  • We aim to become the one platform for everyone to secure and prove everything.
  • We strive to create a network that bridges the gap from the cryptoverse to the real world.
  • We believe we can provide access to the blockchain to every person on the planet, every day.