The Zinnia Network: Web 3.0 transparency with Web 2.0 essentials


The blockchain industry has recently seen an explosion of use cases beyond the current financial services trend. These use cases, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), require additional functionality and services from their native blockchains.
While many networks have been used to create NFTs, they weren't specifically designed for this function resulting in poor scaling abilities and high transaction fees.
The NFT markets of today are rampant with fraud and built on an ecosystem of distrust. NFT creators cannot currently prove they own or created the content or have the legal rights to sell, transfer or license the digital content.
At the same time, NFT technology is capable of so much more than what it is currently used for. It's still difficult to prove anything digitally, whether it's music, art, or personal location history, as you do not own your data.


“To create a decentralized future where everyone has fundamental digital ownership, security & freedom through open innovation and transparency”


" To protect and secure data for all humankind"


Humans have zero digital sovereignty.
Individual ownership and personal control of data does not exist today unless on paper and locked in a cabinet drawer.
Our personal data is collected and owned by the biggest companies on the planet and we give it to them in exchange for convenience or the use of a new feature or mobile application.
Large organizations profit from our data not just financially but in other ways such as control and influence. Social media, news media, and other advertising platforms are known to change the narrative and have the ability to influence our personal decision-making abilities.
Zinnia is built on the idea that individual digital ownership and freedom should be the cornerstone of the future internet. The way the internet is going to work, the way people interact with each other online, and the way they interact with businesses is all going to change based on these cornerstones.