Zinnia Constitution

"To achieve and ensure a decentralized digital future where everyone has absolute ownership, security, and control of their digital future, we establish this constitution as the vision for Zinnia and to serve as the core values for all users, developers, entities, or voters participating in or using the Zinnia Network."

Core Principles

  • Network Governance
  • Community Standards
  • DAO Treasury Management
  • Technology
  • Privacy & Security
  • Supply

Network Governance

Initial Governance

Initial governance of the Zinnia Blockchain Network will take place through Proof-of-Work mining (PoW) using the "Programmatic Proof-of-Work algorithm, otherwise known as Prog-Pow.

Future Governance

Future network governance will occur through a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) / Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining system, enabling network participants an equal opportunity to vote on all proposals achieving user-based governance.

Community Standards

Free Speech

Every network participant has the equal right to express their thoughts, opinions, and views without fear of mockery, ridicule, or censorship.


Every network participant has the same rights and social status.


Every network participant must treat other users within the Zinnia ecosystem with respect and dignity as you yourself would wish to be treated.
This includes applications being used by the project's participants outside of the Zinnia network.

DAO Treasury Management

The developers of early decentralized blockchains participated and committed their time voluntarily to their respective networks.
This approach has caused significant inconsistencies in development and has also pushed new networks towards a more centralized approach to their operations.
For overall network health and longevity, projects must be funded long-term but in a decentralized manner.

Treasury Management

The Zinnia DAO will receive 10% of every block reward to fund the growth of the network through development, marketing, and other such initiatives. When the hybrid PoW/PoS integration is made and voting is initiated, decisions in relation to its use will be decided by the participants of the DAO.

Initial Treasury Management

From launch, all DAO funds will be locked for an initial period of 24 months and inaccessible to anyone including the core development team. This time span allows for 18 months of integration and 6 months of community beta testing.
No DAO allocated funds from block rewards will be utilized without community consensus.



To create a decentralized future where everyone has fundamental digital ownership, security, and freedom through open innovation and transparency.


To protect and secure data for all humankind.


Zinnia will develop free blockchain products to protect individuals from data exploitation and restore sovereign data ownership.


Initial software development

All software developed by the founding development team shall be made free to use and entirely open source.

DAO software development

All software developed by the DAO shall be made free to use and entirely open source.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are the core of any blockchain. Priority will be given to these core areas and balanced in accordance with the associated risk assessment or fluid situation such as a network attack.


Priority must be given to the privacy of all network user data when balancing the pros and cons of developing or designing applications and or features.
Priority must be given to the security of the network and balanced in accordance with the associated risk assessment of the implementation or situation.


The maximum supply of Zinn is 2,000,000,000.
This supply is fixed and finite.

PLEASE NOTE: The constitution is a live document; amendments are made in unison with the initial development of the network and any additional protocol consensus rule changes. The final version of the Zinnia Constitution will be voted on when the hybrid consensus mechanism is implemented.