Web 3

Web3 is the new internet backbone that will change the way we interact online. The future of Web3 is not just about the internet. It is about how we live and how we interact with each other.
Web3 will transform all aspects of our lives and interactions, from how we communicate to how we conduct business to how we manage our finances. It will provide people with a more direct connection to their governments and financial institutions, allowing them to take control of their own data and identities. And it will enable people to collaborate digitally in new ways.

The Fantastic Four of Web 3

  1. 1.
    Web browsers
  2. 2.
    Data storage
  3. 3.
    Computer processing power
  4. 4.
    A peer-to-peer network with no central point of control or failure

The Benefits

The benefits of Web 3.0 are many and varied. The most important two are:
  • Better internet for users, with more privacy and security, less control from central bodies, and more freedom for users to decide what content they want to see or share
  • More opportunities for developers to build their own apps and services without the need for a central body to control them

Blockchain + AI = Web 3.0

Web 3.0 revolutionizes data collection and management by combining the power of AI and Blockchain. AI can be used to ensure that the information stored on the blockchain is accurate and trustworthy. The combination of AI and Blockchain will allow for better data management, while also providing an unprecedented level of security for any type of digital transaction that occurs on the internet.

Say No to Censorship

Web 3.0 is the next generation of the internet. It's an open-source decentralized internet which means that it has no central point of control or ownership. Data is stored in a way that it cannot be accessed by any single person or company. Web 3.0 supports a decentralized internet by eliminating the need for trust services providers like Facebook and Amazon - this means there are no servers to hack, no passwords to crack, and no one can censor your content!

A Quick Recap Before We Talk About Cryptocurrency...

The future of the internet is decentralized that much is for sure but without central organizations providing services in exchange for your personal data how it is going to work exactly remains to be seen. Turn over the page to learn about Cryptocurrency.